The Werge Law Firm is unique from all other criminal defense firms in El Paso County: at our firm, not only do we fight for positive results, but we also care about our clients. We fight for you.  You will even have our personal cell phone numbers. We are a distinguished boutique criminal defense law firm that emphasizes quality over quantity and is dedicated to our clients’ needs. After all, we work for you.

When you are charged with a crime, your life will be affected whether you are found not guilty or guilty. At the Werge Law Firm, our criminal defense expertise will ensure that you continue on with your life and not be forced into a deal that you do not want or do not understand.

At our firm, we start working hard to cover every aspect of your defense from the moment you hire us: Leave no stone unturned. Investigate every angle and speak to every witness. Know the science better than the experts. Be current on the law. Make the best presentation. And when it’s time, fight with strength and heart. That is how we make miracles happen at the Werge Law Firm. Our background and reputation speaks for itself. You will notice the difference between us, because are always consummate professionals.